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Immersiolano by Bombolari is the new website created BY the divers FOR the divers: a new and unique way of sharing scuba diving experience, invented, set up and constantly updated by divers. In this way the "Bombolaro" (Italian slang for "diver": a "tank" is a "bombola") can not only find out about divesites, diving centers, marine life, organizations, events and whatever else is related to diving, but can also share with other divers his/her own experiences, pictures, videos, comments, ideas

The English version of our website is on the way: all the data and the information we have gathered so far are so extensive that it's going to take a while before we can publish the whole translation....


- if you are a DIVER and you are looking for any kind of diving information OR you are willing to share your diving stories, your feelings and your photos, click here to write to us - we will be happy to comply and publish what you want to share with other Bombolari at no cost for you!

- if you are a dive-industry operator and you are interested in advertising your business in our website, click here to write to us - take advantage of this unique opportunity to put your feet (or shall we say "fins"?) into the Italian diving market at very competitive prices and conditions.

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